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Some comments from Bill about his 1975 Marathon Breakthrough

From: Marathoning by Bill Rodgers with Joe Concannon

Pg. 72-75

I had been training twice a day since the end of 1973 and when April 1975 and the Boston Marathon rolled around I was in "pretty decent" shape.

Squires and I tried to play down my position. We talked it over and we thought I would run about a 2:15 or 2:16 marathon. We never anticipated a 2:09:55.

The only way I can describe it is dreamlike. I thought of my friends and particularly of former college roommate, Amby Burfoot, who had won in 1968. It was just unreal running to that finish line. I looked at the crowds on the side and reveled in my victory. But on the victory stand, I suffered something of a reaction. As the wreath was put on my head my brother, Charlie, jumped up shouting. I waved to him and yelled "never again."

I was very tired and psychologically wound down. Marathons are, like any race , a great thrill to win, but unlike shorter races, the price one pays is severe.

There are a lot of variables that enable you to excel, to win races and do well. I want to make one thing clear, I have my own feelings about technique and running form. I am not a physiologist. I am not a cardiologist. I am a runner. Yet I still feel my thoughts are just as valid as anybodyís in the biomechanics lab, or any cardiologist from a top hospital.

I know few coaches who have raced the marathon well and therefore have the experience to coach the event.

I am the one whoís out there and Iíve learned through doing.

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