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Marathon Inscrutability: 
Auckland, Boston, Minneapolis

As 1985 came to a close I was ready to leave my athletic shoe company position and re-enroll at the University of Lowell as an undergraduate student majoring in American Studies. I would also become the Head Coach for Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field.

It was difficult to leave the highest paying job I had ever had and the opportunities the position would lead to in the future, for a low paying college coaching position and a return to the running wars. It was a pivotal decision. The dream quest would not die and I had to continue through 1988 for good or ill.

I was feeling tentative toward running the marathon again. I had lost some confidence after my poor showing at the 1984 Olympic Trial and had developed a hamstring problem that would slow me to a crawl late in marathon races. I needed to figure out this mystery if I were to be successful. I decided to race somewhat more conservatively and try and re-learn the marathon race.

I was competing in my first marathon race in over a year in Auckland New Zealand in February. I had always wanted to visit the land of Lydiard and this race provided the opportunity. I needed to set aside my conservative race plan however as they had enlisted Pete Pfitzinger to pace out a first half 1:05:00. I hung with Pete and Alan Zachariesen of Denmark through the half at the desired pace. From there I hung with Alan until 25Km before dropping back. A runner from Poland Wieslan Beubiel with a 2:13 best caught me at 25 miles and we ran together till the finish. I finished third in 2:15 and fairly happy with this all things considered.

Boston was now ten weeks away and I had a good preparation through the winter with a mix of track and road races and a decent half marathon. I felt ready and I went with the conservative plan. It worked. I was never in contention for a victory, ( no one was close to Deek 2:07:51 that day see related Boston Globe article) but I felt well the entire race. At twenty miles I was in twentieth place but stormed the last six miles finishing with a five minute mile in sixth place. If anything I had run too conservatively! It was nice to finish one without falling apart at the end.
(See related Boston Globe article.)

The Twin Cities marathon in October would be the trial for the World Championships. This would be my next goal for 1986. Before that I had an opportunity to run a 10k on the track at the Memorial Van Damme track meet in Brussels Belgium. I always had felt that I had a good 10k in me and that my 28:24 in 1984 could be greatly improved upon given the opportunity. Running in this outstanding meet was a great thrill which I hope to write a seperate "remembrance" of. I was out well in 14:02 for the 5k running just behind Barrios. I faded and finished sixth. Mark Nenow set the long standing AR in this race.

I had a good summer of training and racing but developed a lower back tightness which hindered my stride. I decided to run Twin Cities regardless and hoped for the best. I ran very conservatively as I had at Boston and had lots left at the end. I wound up ninth in 2:15.

I had run three solid marathons in 1986. Could I get back to the 2:10-2:12 range and make the Olympic team in 1988? I felt it was a good possibility. In 1987 I would focus on the shorter events and cross country and run a late season low key marathon. In 1988 I would go out with a bang or perhaps just fade away.

1986 RACES


11th Dartmouth Relays - 5k - 14:00.32
1st McCloy 13:53.1
2nd Ludwikowski 13:54.03
3rd Bordaleau 13:56.59
4th Hodge 14:00.32
5th Petersen 14:05.34
6th Sapienza 14:11.70

19th Gardner Road Race - 10k - 30:15 CR 1st


1st Auckland NZ WANG Marathon - 26.2 - 2:15:33 3rd
1st Zachariesen 2:12:34
2nd Beubiel 2:15:30


2nd Hyannis Half Marathon - 13.1- 1:09:20 1st

16th New Bedford Half Marathon - 13.1- 1:04:46 6th

28th Florida Relays - 10k - 29:16 2nd


6th Cherry Blossum Road Race Wash. DC - 10m - 48:15 15th
1st Hunt 46:15 
2nd Hackney 46:41 
3rd Cooper 47:00 
4th Kipsang 47:01 
5th Reifsneyder 47:02 
6th Sinclair 47:03 
7th Meyer 47:12 
8th Collins 47:28 
9th Janicki 47:31 
10th Spence 47:37 
11th Stearns 47:42 
12th Rugut 47:48 
13th Plasencia 47:55 
14th Daub 47:58

21st Boston Marathon - 26.2 - 2:14:50 6th
1st DeCastella 2:07:51
2nd Boileau 2:11:15
3rd Pizzolato 2:11:43
4th Rodgers 2:13:36
5th Barrios 2:14:09


21st BC Development Meet - 3k - 8:18 1st

28th BC Development Meet - 5k - 14:20 1st


4th BC Development Meet - 1500m - 3:58 2nd

8th Litchfield Road Race - 7m 36:05 - 8th

15th Warwick RI Road Race - 10k - 30:55 3rd


No Races


3rd Lancaster Road Race - 3.5 miles - 17:20 1st

5th Lowell Track Development Meet -2m -  8:54.5 1st

17th Falmouth Road Race - 7m - 33:32 16th
1st Barrios 32:17 11th G. Smith 32:55
2nd Smith 32:31 12th S. Jones 32:58
3rd Musyoki 32:33 13th Hunt 33:06
4th Eyestone 32:34 14th Donahue 33:15
5th Tootell 32:38 15th Davey 33:21
6th Doherty 32:42
7th Kipsang 32:48
8th Bickford 32:50
9th Scrutton 32:50
10th Curp 32:52


5th Memorial Van Damme Track Brussels - 10k - 28:53 6th

14th Philadelphia Half Marathon - 13.1 - 1:04:58 10th

28th Marshfield Road Race - 20k - 62:12 1st


12th Twin Cities Marathon - 26.2 - 2:15:54 9th
1st Donakowski 2:10:40
2nd Janicki 2:11:57
3rd Gordon 2:12:07
4th Grimes 2:13:10
5th Froelick 2:13:33
6th Meyer 2:14:48
7th Ratcliffe 2:15:17
8th Brady 2:15:39


9th Salem Screen Road Race - 5m - 24:13 8th

16th New England Cross Country Champs. - 10k - 31:37 16th

23rd New England 15 k Road Race Tewksbury Ma. - 15k - 46:56 1st


13th Harvard Open Track - 3k - 8:08 5th

30th Brown Open Track - mile - 4:13 2nd;  3k - 8:28 

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