Press Release:  Lydiard Tour

Arthur Lydiard US Lecture Tour Schedule for This Fall

Boston Venue:
Date:  November 10th, 2004 (7 PM)
New Site:
Regis College - College Hall - Rm. 202

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Arthur Lydiard of New Zealand, voted as the Coach of the Century by Runner’s World, is returning to the US this fall for one last lecture tour. This is the final opportunity to meet with the legend in person. A Minnesota based non-profit organization, Five Circles (, is organizing the tour as its "Project Lydiard 21 (the Lydiard Method for the 21st Century)". The tour will also serve as the launch of the Lydiard Foundation USA, led by Five Circles’ Executive Director, Nobby Hashizume, and the 1992 Olympic women’s marathon bronze medalist, Lorraine Moller. The Project’s mission is to offer insight into the Lydiard Method using an easy-to-understand format and illustrating how the Lydiard Method is still being used in the 21st Century by leading coaches and athletes worldwide. In addition, the lecture tour will be the official US launch of the Lydiard biography, "Arthur Lydiard—the Master Coach".

Anybody interested in hosting this coaching legend, please contact Nobby at or or call 763-443-9828.

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